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Have you been invited to an interview by a Corps member?

Thank you for considering this invitation to be a narrator! Interviews typically last 30-45 minutes and cover topics such as how the pandemic and related events have affected your work, your family, your community, your faith, and your experience at (or relationship with) DePaul. Unless otherwise feasible, all interviews are conducted remotely via Zoom or phone call. The DDC interview information sheet includes specific details about narrator participation, privacy, and access to recordings. To listen to interviews conducted in the winter quarter, visit our Interviews page (please email Prof. Lisa Dush at for the password).

Would you like to be interviewed?

The Documentary Corps is committed to establishing an oral history collection that features a diverse and representative set of narrators. If you would like to be interviewed by a Corps member, please contact Prof. Lisa Dush at or complete this interest form.

Are you a student looking to join the Corps?

At present, students join the Documentary Corps by taking ISP 392: DePaul Documentary Corps Internship. The course ran in winter and spring quarters of 2021.