The DePaul Documentary Corps is an initiative of HumanitiesX, DePaul’s Experiential Humanities Collaborative. HumanitiesX connects faculty and students from DePaul University with community partners from Chicago-area arts, cultural, and civic organizations to reimagine teaching and learning in the humanities. In 2020, HumanitiesX launched the Documentary Corps as part of its 2020-2021 programming: Understanding, Speaking In, and Documenting this Historic Moment. The Documentary Corps has been developed in close collaboration with DePaul’s Special Collections and Archives.

About the Documentary Corps Project

The DePaul Documentary Corps internship trains students to do ethically sensitive and professional oral history and documentary work, engaging them in documenting and preserving the present moment. As a member of the DePaul Documentary Corps, students conduct, transcribe, and edit remote interviews with DePaul-connected stakeholders—including students, scholars, alumni, and community partners—on topics such as the pandemic and the fight for racial justice.

The training portion of the internship is grounded in ISP 392, a 4-credit course taught by Professor Lisa Dush, which also invites both other DePaul faculty members and staff from museums, cultural institutions, and oral history initiatives to share their knowledge via guest lectures and workshops.

Winter 2021 Documentary Corps Members

Kai Babbington
Alyssa Bai
Maddie Falk
Ameerae Lunjas
Yunuen Rodriguez
Maggie Rudman
Andrea Serna
Sheldon White
Kara Zubo

Spring 2021 Documentary Corps Members

Maddison Campbell
Michael Dos Santos Olinger
Nick Goedert
Charles Yu Jun
Jia Feng Ling
Parker Mancino
Jillian Morrison
Gokul Pandiyaraj
Arleta Robinson
Martin Selimaj
Susan Wilde
Olivia Wootton

Student Assistants

Paola Asturias
Harrison Horst